Crooked parking in Los Angeles

A true story...




Here is a lovely achievement by Dalit, a veteran Scientologist from Los Angeles after a workshop of The Parents' Academy on The Way to Happiness.


Shmuel Shaya, one of the lecturers for The Association for Prosperity and Security in The Middle East sometimes goes to visit Los Angeles and he decided by the way to deliver The Parents' Academy workshop to some Scientologists who got together, like dozens of other groups of parents who invite us to deliver a workshop for them.


I recommend reading to the end! J


Have fun:



Just wanted to write about the big win I had from your lecture.


The day after your lecture about treating others as you would want to be treated, I pulled into a parking lot and parked a bit crookedly because I have a van but I did not block the two cars beside me from coming out.


When I came out of my car, the guy parked next to me started screaming at me, telling me that it was not ok that I parked crookedly and that he had been trying to signal me from his car to tell me that the way I parked was not ok.


I acknowledged him and said, yes I did park crookedly, but how would he like it if somebody screamed at him about that and why couldnt he just say it in a nice way.


He continued screaming at me and again I told him that I understood but how would he like it if somebody spoke to him like that.


He continued shaking his head and being upset so I decided to move my car anyway (even though I was not blocking him at all) since I did not want to park next to someone who was so rude and nasty.


So I parked in another place and walked into the restaurant where I wanted to eat. I stood in line, and suddenly the guy who screamed at me, came up to me and said, I want to apologize for screaming at you. I am so happy I saw you again and that I have a chance to apologize because if I hadnt seen you again, I would have felt bad the whole day about how I spoke to you. 


Then he kissed my hand and his friend said to me, I think he was cranky because of the heat outside.


I was totally shocked since I did not expect this at all!!


I could not believe that what Shmuel taught us in the parenting lecture actually worked!  I was in complete amazement!!


Normally, when someone yells at me, I yell back. I do not like to be yelled at and attacked so I normally attack back but since I had just been to the parenting workshop the night before, I decided to try it and be calm which I was when the guy was screaming at me.


Anyway, this guy then invited me to come and sit and have lunch with him and his friend and again, he apologized for upsetting me.


I told him it was OK and that it was no big deal.


Anyway, this was an unbelievable win for me!!


I also use this with my kids, when they speak unpleasantly to me or to each other and it works!!


I highly recommend this parenting workshop to all parents!!


Thanks Shmuel!!



(mother of 3 kids,)



Isn't it wonderful?


Now imagine Dalit's achievement multiplied by tens and even thousands of times every day.


Imagine our Association and The Parents' Academy's effect on reducing violence and bringing the peace to Israel J



With 15 branches of The Parents' Academy all over Israel,



With workshops for teachers, children, soldiers, prisoners, elderly people.



About 500 workshops of The Way to Happiness are delivered every month they change Israel for good.


It's wonderful! That's what balances life forces against destructive forces.


There's a lot of work to do and we ask your help and your financial support to continue and create it J


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Danny Vidislavski

ED of The Association for Prosperity and Security in The Middle East



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