"I understood that one can relieve the burdensome feeling of guilt from theft if one just communicates about it – even if it was 40 years ago. Danny, you are just great!!!!!!!!!!!!!"



We met in our new, lovely place thanks to the great generosity of

Refael and Nina and

had a workshop about,

What will make our children rich?

And there was “a bombing party” too

(The full and exciting details are confined to the people who were at the workshop and probably will be for many years.)




The Parents' Academy consists of a series of 50 workshops intended to support parents in raising their beloved children.




And this is what you shared from the session; it's exciting as usual


To Danny Victoria and Liat,

Good luck in your new place, every change is for the better – and it's always nice to be renewed.

Nisim and I are always happy to see there are people who want happy people around them.

And indeed everything starts with the power of a word.

And some encouraging words give power and reinforcement.

In the meantime, have a good week from Helena and Nisim



It was great!

I understood one can relieve the burdensome feeling of guilt from theft if one just communicates about it. Even if it was 40 years ago.  Danny you are great!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Every session of The Parents' Academy makes me a better person.

Thank you very much.

Many thanks.

love, Keren.



Hello everyone -

First of all thank you for accepting me with such warmth and love, even though this time I came without the great Miri, my special woman.

The workshop was very strong and significant for me and before I could explain to my amazing daughter, Alma what we had learned, she amazed me with her business initiative – she found a plastic basket, old style, like they used to be in the markets, and started to thread strings horizontally and vertically (she has an amazing designer eye) and she told Miri and me that she wants to make such bags and sell them so she can have money to buy what she wants without us telling her it's expensive. This little entrepreneur is 5.5 years old! Now all that's left for us is to support and encourage her. David Shilman



Thanks to Hagar for the delicious refreshments


Thanks to Ariel for a great cake



Thanks to Gil for a tasty and great cake



Thanks to Edi for the photographs


See you at the next workshop



And in the meantime, Shabat Shalom from Refael who hosts the exclusive branch of The Parents' Academy




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