Well - the XHTML2 working group is still functioning....  I can update the DTD but getting XHTML 1.0 reissued will be a challenge.  We have an update for it ready to go, but W3C management doesn't seem to want it to happen.

David Dorward wrote:
On 11 Jan 2010, at 16:43, Michael Stucki wrote:

I have recently tried to validate a XHTML file for my HTML course and it gave me an error saying that I cannot use the name attribute in the form I created. I checked my HTML, XHTML, and CSS book and found that this is false and I have to use it in order to create a form.

In HTML 3.2 forms have no name attribute.

In HTML 4.x forms have a name attribute, but only for backwards compatibility for the case of accessing form using JavaScript in browsers which do not support id. (Today there are no significant browsers which support JS and do not support id). 

In XHTML 1.0, the name attribute for forms is formally deprecated. The informative section "Differences with HTML 4" states that it "will be removed in a subsequent version of XHTML", however the DTD (for Strict at least) does not appear to include this attribute. This appears to be an error with the XHTML specification, it certainly isn't an error with the validator.

Does anybody know who is responsible for maintaining XHTML 1.0 these days? The XHTML working group wasn't renewed for 2010.

(Please direct responses to the www-validator mailing list and not directly to me, thanks).


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