Yes it turns out to be a problem in ASP.Net not the W3C validator. ASP.Net will render different code to different web browsers; and if a browser is not defined it will render out of date code.

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Subject: Re: [VE][108] border not supported on type input image
From: Etienne Miret <>
Date: Mon, July 13, 2009 3:57 pm

Well, I’m sorry, but per:
"boder" is NOT a valid attribute for the <input> element.

And per:
the "border" attribute is valid ONLY on img, object and table elements. a écrit :
> This is incorrectly marked by the validator as invalid. Border is a
> valid attribute when the input is of type image. It is also
> auto-generated by Visual Studio .Net when using an image button.
This looks like a bug in Visual Studio .Net, not in the validator.


Etienne Miret