Google is launching its own web browser. Why?  To reassure the user that
the web sites are conforming (and hence safe)! This sounds like a big step
forward for W3C to me. - Rick

Brian Wilson wrote:
Alright...first, my apologies for the delay on this. Your post was
*only* a month ago now! Took a little time and some wrangling to do this.

Rick Merrill wrote:
Brian wrote:
One popularity measure (among many) is Alexa. It has some caveats, but
in January I had the validator run through 487 of its Global Top 500
list. 32 of those URLs passed validation (6.57%). That is actually
considerably higher than the average pass rate I found with the
majority of the Open Directory Project URLs (DMoz). I have a complete
list of those Alexa 500 that validated, but of the ones you mentioned,
only passed validation.
How about a web page where you Post that complete list - with numbers of

Here it is:

Feedback, comments and questions can be made in the blog's comment thread
or here too if they are validator-on-topic.


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