By all means complain to the source of your templates.  If more people
complain there will be more conformance, and that can only be good.

On the other hand, do not worry too much.  Learn some HTML and
you will be able to hand edit the web pages.

If you get a lot of error messages (whatever a lot means to you) then
you should complain to the Validator authors that you need levels of
errors so you can fix the most significant first.  (most compilers do this.)

- Rick

Rev. Steve Chappell wrote:
To whom it may concern:
I check my website out with the validator, and there where errors. I purchased my website template from a very well known web builder & respected source. What can I do to correct the errors? Or should I be concerned?
Thank you for your help and input,

NOTE: Whenever possible, give the address of the document you were checking.

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