Brian Wilson wrote:
Rick Merrill <> wrote:
Are there any "major' web sites that validate?

If not, which ones have the fewest errors?

I'm thinking of

What are the top 100 web sites?  Do any of them validate?!

Jens Meiert wrote:
(Not sure if this should be discussed on this list though.)


We're open to suggestions as to which list ought to be used ;-)

[not sure either, although it is an interesting data point to have in the
argument about "why you should validate your documents"]

One popularity measure (among many) is Alexa. It has some caveats, but in
January I had the validator run through 487 of its Global Top 500 list. 32
of those URLs passed validation (6.57%). That is actually considerably
higher than the average pass rate I found with the majority of the Open
Directory Project URLs (DMoz). I have a complete list of those Alexa 500
that validated, but of the ones you mentioned, only passed validation.


How about a web page where you Post that complete list - with numbers of errors?  


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