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Re: Page Validates But Mime Warning Continues

From: Sierk Bornemann <sierkb@gmx.de>
Date: Sat, 1 Sep 2007 11:00:18 +0200
Message-Id: <7DBCD4D9-A3C7-4169-8C73-D5A299C71B99@gmx.de>
To: www-validator@w3.org

Am 31.08.2007 um 16:52 schrieb Andreas Prilop:

> Sierk Bornemann cannot even understand that Internet Explorer
> ignores the content-type when the "file extension" is .html.

Andreas Prilop cannot understand, that he should leave his rants at  
home, when he posts on a public mailing list of the W3C.
He has been official reproved several times for that and can't  
repress himself to *not* insult other people, if they say or do  
something, that doesn't suit himself.
Andreas, is it *so* difficult to be just polite and *not* to be stuck  

Sierk Bornemann
email:            sierkb@gmx.de
WWW:              http://sierkbornemann.de/
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