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Re: Validator case-sensitive bug for CHARSET?

From: Ernest Unrau <ejunrau@mts.net>
Date: Tue, 07 Aug 2007 02:11:57 -0500
To: olivier Thereaux <ot@w3.org>
CC: www-validator Community <www-validator@w3.org>, www-international@w3.org
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Hello olivier

Thank you for your response. Comments inserted below...

On 07/08/2007, you wrote:

> This is the first time I run into this issue. Looking at the HTTP  
> specification (which HTML normatively refers to for the http-equiv  
> meta information) I was unable to find precisely whether the  
> "charset=" string was case-sensitive or not, but lacking any mention,  
> I will assume that it is case sensitive, as is the rest of HTTP  
> constructs.

No HTML tags are case-sensitive, but it may indeed be that the CHARSET
parameter must be case sensitive since I'm told that the META tags are
mimicking HTML headers. Perhaps the servers that parse these headers are
also case sensitive? But one would think that validation would fail on
other META tags also.

> I have added an entry in bugzilla to track the issue:

Very good.
> Could you make at least a few of these into test documents?
> * very minimal HTML documents
> * encoded as iso-8859-1
> * using one of these constructs
> * including some non-ascii characters (will be a good test of the  
> detection)
> Thank you

Find attached two sample pages:


Each was tested to make sure it passed validation, then the page which is
file "testPage_nonvalid.html" had the CHARSET parameter uppercased, which
caused it to fail validation; owing to the presence of high bit characters
in the html code, the page fails because it cannot detect the document


Ernest Unrau
Morden, Manitoba
E-mail: ejunrau@mts.net

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