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w3c validator does not tell me anywhere which div it closed at each step.

From: <Martin@Cleaver.org>
Date: Mon, 8 May 2006 23:14:02 -0400
Message-ID: <fe8dba6a0605082014r2a765c25xbd8a91b40b08d21e@mail.gmail.com>
To: www-validator@w3.org

The HTML validator would be a lot more useful if it told me which div it was
closing at each step


says there is a /div missing - but where?

The code here is generated - from many files. To help with diagnostics we
have a convention that we comment which div you are closing, so if you look
at the HTML I am validating you will see </div> <!-- /whatever -->

But the validator strips the comments from the parse tree (fair enough) but
does not tell me anywhere which div it closed at each step.

All it would need to do is tell me which <div whatever> its closing each
time it encounters a </div>.

I searched the mailing list and bugzilla database for 'nested' before
reporting it here.

I hope this helps. If there are any replies please CC me as I am not on the
list. I'll post this description to bugzilla in a couple of days unless I
hear to the contrary.

Regards, M.
Martin@Cleaver.org MSc MBA
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