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Re: namespace question

From: Siegfried Gipp <siegfried@rorkvell.de>
Date: Tue, 1 Aug 2006 18:14:07 +0200
To: www-validator@w3.org
Message-Id: <200608011814.23598.siegfried@rorkvell.de>
On Monday 31 July 2006 18:49, Jirka Kosek wrote:
> Siegfried Gipp wrote:
> > Hmm, as far as i know then a page like this does not validate at all with
> > the w3c validator. Or am i wrong?
> Yes, but in the age of compound documents with elements from multiple
> namespaces DTDs and related machinery (including !DOCTYPE) is simply
> insufficient and obsolete.
It is still not obsolete! 1. Pages built in xhtml with elements from other 
namespaces are still very uncommon. instead plain old html 4.01 transitional 
or even html 3.2 is still very common and most times very invalid.
2. Even with compound documents it would still be a good idea to validate at 
least the elements out of one namespace and check the remainder just for 

> Output of XSLT transformation doesn't have to be valid, it even doesn't
> have to be well-formed. XSLT only guarantee well-balanced output (you
> can generate document with multiple root elements which breaks
> well-formdness). If you want to be sure that output of transformation is
As far as i know xalan would complain on that.

> valid, you must either validate generated documents or use XSLT 2.0 with
> schema aware XSLT processor and reference target schema from stylesheet.
> But here I probably diverted to much from the topic of this mailing
> list. Sorry for that.
well, at least for now that's somewhat too far. Although a good w3c xml schema 
validator would be a great idea!

o.k., as a summary i've learned this: I will use the normal xhtml DOCTYPE, and 
for now i forget validating my xhtml documents with the w3c validator. 
Instead i will use the relax validator (or similar tools). I'll continue to 
validate the html 4.01 versions of my pages. Since they are built from the 
same source with only slightly different xsl stylesheet, when these validate, 
the xhtml versions should be valid, too.


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