I just used my own site to test its validity. Your site http://validator.w3.org/ responded with so many acceptable 'errors' - I can't believe you would offer this service! My code dos not contain any unacceptable code.

All of the errors listed are indeed valid. Maybe HTML has changed since you last updated your checking techniques?

Here are a few of your responses:

Error Line 27 column 15: there is no attribute "ROWS".

My response: YES THERE IS a ROWS attribute - look it up

This is my favorite mistake on you part:

Error Line 62 column 6:
end tag for "HTML" which is not finished.</HTML>

The tag is indeed closed, look at the source code

It would be nice if someone supplied a validation site which actually worked correctly

Thank you,
Rick Horvath
President - Noodleware Software Co.
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