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Overdose chat client is here.

News, news and more news. (Oldest news at the top)

I haven't had much time lately to fix the numerous errors on this page.
FreeBSD 6.0 is out! You can get ISO images from and

Minix 3 was released on Monday, October 26 2005. The new release has groundbreaking new features and more support for ethernet cards emulated in VMWare and qemu. A list of software ported to Minix 3 can be found here. I have compiled a few beta packages in /minix.

Have you ever need a 'tail' or 'head' command for piping text into while using Windows? Guess what? There is one! I ported a tail and head command to Microsoft Windows which does not need any special libs (e.g. can run straight on a fresh install, but older Windows like 95 may complain about MSVCRT.DLL). Compiled with gcc, here is head and tail. Sources are here for tail, and here for head. Both are compatable with the same commands in Version 7 UNIX, including command line options.

A new PDF section was added.

I have found a random Perl script on my server, and not knowing where it came from, I am releasing it to the public. Here it is.

Here's a little note on how to make Firefox faster. Sorry if it's not that detailed.

I have finally enabled PHP support, and now you can view my system infomation at any time. Click here to see my system info.

I have also added SSL support. If you are in a GUI web browser, go to the address bar and add a 's' right after the http to make https. SSL ensures that when you visit my site, all communications are encrypted and secure.

Thanks to by friend Chuck, for he helped me get CGI working. You can chat on his IRC server using the CGI:IRC chat client here

I have posted a pair of CGI weather scripts. A simple one and a more detailed one.

Imagine a solitaire game designed to work with any web broswer. Well, guess what, such a thing exists! No matter your web broswer, even if it's lynx, you can still use it to play Solitaire! Solitaire for any web broswer. All of this is on Also, that particular site runs on Debian.

Good News! now runs on Apache 2.0.55, which is retiring our old Apache 1.3.33 server. You may find that certain PHP or CGI scripts may not work. However, things are working over here, so we'll keep the new Apache as our production server.

Don't forget spammers, send all of your unwanted email to /dev/null!
View my /proc/cpuinfo data! updated at every system reboot!

The Opti-X devteam now has a roster! View it here.

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