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Validator checks the WRONG web page

From: Rick -Gilligan- Uschold <Gilligan@dbh3.us>
Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2005 11:06:40 -0500
Message-ID: <421A0710.6040305@dbh3.us>
To: www-validator@w3.org

I haven't used the W3 validator for some number of months, but when I 
wanted to check some changes I made to my web pages, the validator was 
NOT checking MY web page, but some other web page! This pages look fine 
in my browser.


http://www.dbh3.us/                 ==> actually retrieves: 
http://www.dbh3.us/index,html  ==> is a redirect to /dbh3/
http://www.dbh3.us/dbh3/         ==> actually retrieves: 

Address: http://www.dbh3.us/
Address: http://www.dbh3.us/index.html
Address: http://www.dbh3.us/dbh3/
Address: http://www.dbh3.us/dbh3/index.shtml

Any of the above four Addresses in the "Validate by URL" box on 
http://validator.w3.org/  produces:

This Page Is Valid XHTML 1.0 Strict!
Note: The URL you gave me, <http://www.dbh3.us/dbh3/index.shtml>, 
returned a redirect to <http://localhost/>.

First of all, my web page is HTML 4.01, not XHTML 1.0!
Second, my web page does NOT redirect to http://localhost/

The file: http://www.dbh3.us/index.html does redirect to /dbh3/, but 
this ought to be irrelevant if I specify the complete URL. Anyway, 
checking address: http://www.dbh3.us/ USED TO CORRECTLY load and check 

If I directly send a local file from my computer, this works and the 
file checks OK.

Other possibly useful information:

My domain: "http://www.dbh3.us/", is hosted on ipowerweb.com and is 
equivalent to: "http://host164.ipowerweb.com/~dbh3usaa/"

I have several other domains that point to this same web host account:
http://www.floridah3.us/       ==> http://www.dbh3.us/FloridaH3/
http://www.orlandoh3.com/  ==> http://www.dbh3.us/orlandoh3/
http://www.fleet80.com/      ==> http://www.dbh3.us/fleet80/

I have the following redirects programmed in my web host control panel:
/FloridaH3/      ==> http://www.floridah3.us/
/H3/                ==> http://www.floridah3.us/
/OrlandoH3/    ==> http://www.orlandoh3.com/
/fleet80/          ==> http://www.fleet80.com/

Validating the following URLs work fine:
http://www.orlandoh3.com/  (this has some errors, I'm hosting this for a 
friend, and I didn't write it)

Validating the following URLs FAIL the same as described above:

Typing any of the above four URLs in my browser correctly redirects and 
displays the intended page.

Richard J. Uschold
Received on Monday, 21 February 2005 20:39:51 UTC

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