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From: Imran O Kazmi <hassanok@emirates.net.ae>
Date: Mon, 15 Nov 2004 13:45:37 +0400
To: Imran O Kazmi <imranokazmi@hotmail.com>
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Would you like yourself and your employees to think MORE positively,
thereby performing better individually and as a TEAM, and hence
increasing your sales and profits besides substantially improving your
work environment, FREE OF COST?

I am a management consultant and trainer in Dubai, UAE. My credentials
and details of operations are available online at
http://www.synergize.org/cv-iok.htm having worked for firms like
British-American Tobacco, Motorola, Knoll/BASF besides training on
behalf of Nokia Academy. I have also to my credit an innovation over the
world famous Balanced Score Card model, called CRS Cube.

I would like to make your organization a unique offer: as a trainer I
believe the world needs to be a more positive place, hence I created a
unique 2 day course titled "Changing Mindsets for a more positive
attitude" - it has been done for governments, multinationals, public and
private sector firms, a detailed write-up on the same is attached below
this note.

I offer you this workshop on "Changing Mindsets for a more positive
attitude" as a reduced version for 2 hours, free of charge at your
office or other preferred location during the months of November and
December 2004. For the record, this workshop, offered free to you, costs
USD 2,000 per day as a corporate workshop. My detailed course lists
covering management, sales, marketing, personal development and
leadership are available online on  <http://www.synergize.org/>

If interested I can email or fax you the detailed course outline, or we
could get together for a chat, my cell in Dubai is 050 5849562 and
landline is 04 3116779 or chat with me (I am online 24 hours courtesy my
PDA, using MSN, my ID is imranokazmi@hotmail.com). Please note that
reservations for this free workshop are on a first-come-first-serve

Kind regards, and thank you once again, for sparing your precious time
to read my note.

Imran Owais Kazmi

MD, Synergize (a Synergie Consultants Company)
P O Box 74327, The Fairmont, Dubai, UAE
Voice (Dubai) +9714 3116779
Fax (Dubai) +9714 3311765
Cellphone (Dubai) +97150 5849562
Email imran@synergize.org Web  <http://www.synergize.org/>
http://www.synergize.org MSN ID  <mailto:imranokazmi@hotmail,com>


An irresistible proposal for your organization
>From Imran O Kazmi, Synergize

Changing Mindsets for a more positive attitude

Would you like your employees to think MORE positively, thereby
performing better and hence increasing your profits?

The UAE market specifically and the Gulf/ Asian markets generally are
plagued by corporate thinking characterized by such fanciful thoughts:

"I know that I know everything"
"No one can teach me anything"
"People are plotting against me"
"XYZ nationality people are like this"
"XYZ religion people are like this"
"Don't trust anyone"
"Cut costs cut costs cut costs" (leaving question marks on long term
profitability) "There is only one solution to this problem" "Younger
people don't have the experience to talk in front of me" "Don't dare
disagree with the boss if you want to keep your job" "Don't give enough
exposure to your subordinates or they'll take your job" so on and so

The ultimate results of such thoughts for the corporate world are
organization cultures that STOP people from performing at their peak,
often hurting each other's performance ultimately impacting the bottom
line of the organization i.e. sales and profits, some obvious symptoms
of the problem are:

    Lack of trust between employees
    Focus on short term measures
    Focus on face saving / cosmetic measures to 'show' performance
    Ignoring long term customer and corporate objectives to meet short
term 'image' and 'performance' objectives
    Mental and physical health problem generation within employees due
to fear, lack of trust and hence lack of true job satisfaction
    Rewards and punishment not aligned with market measures but with
internal political measures
    Short or long run market share eroding to competitors
    'Lip service' to credos, values and ethics resulting in
demoralization and cynical attitude of employees, hurting customers and
each other alike
    In reality this issue has a much broader social perspective, the
origins of wars and hate have but such skewed thinking as their root
cause whether relating to false perceptions of power, wealth or pride

It is my life aim to help organizations reach to their peak performance
by working as ONE team, and putting personal differences aside to
achieve broader corporate objectives resulting in growth and enhanced

Hence I created a workshop called Changing Mindsets for a more positive
attitude, based on the teachings of Human and Social Psychology, the
Quran, the inspirations from several like minded gentlemen across the
globe like John O'Keeffe Former Group Vice-President of Procter &
Gamble, and President of Health & Beauty Care Products - Europe who
wrote a minute but heavy on the content book called "Your one week way
to mind fitness". I often brainstormed with the writer of a dozen titles
on NLP, UK based Joseph O'Connor besides the regular circle of influence
I enjoyed due my mid and senior level professional positions within the
government, public and private sector, even some non profit firms.

The origin of this one to three days need based workshop is my
experiences and sharing with colleagues and counterparts across all mix
of firms, multinationals, private, public or non profit-EACH have their
own manifestation of this problem.

The first version of this workshop was created in 1996 and implemented
with resounding success in what was once known as Boots, then Knoll
(part of BASF) pharmaceuticals, currently Abbott. Therein I managed to
address these issues with precise interventions on the attitude part
through this workshop at the top and mid management levels. The result,
increased profitability, increased sales, a work environment people
looked FORWARD to working in and above all an atmosphere of trust and

After Knoll, there were a series of this workshop-all with par
excellence feedback, more than a dozen in a span of 8 years - in all
sorts of companies from the multinationals like Merck Marker, the
Government of Pakistan's premier wing Export Promotion Bureau, Pakistan
Software Export Board, Interbank (a venture of American Express), Hub
Leather (No 1 exporter of leather garments from Pakistan) and many other
reputed clients.

In fact I put this workshop to practice on several occasions, for
example the thinking and learning were applied in changing laws on
mobile phone imports in Pakistan teaming up with government officials,
operators and handset sellers for a common purpose in the process making
history in the regulatory environment of Pakistan.

The format of this workshop is HIGHLY interactive; it helps people break
their mental shackles and come out in the open. I can never forget a
participant of Pakistan Software Export Board, a UK educated Software
Engineer who mocked this workshop in the first half and in the end
commented "You made me realize today what a snob I have been all my
life!" another was a 45+ senior manager at Knoll who commented to me at
the end of the workshop "Imran, you have changed me" - I thought it was
a joke! But ensuing times proved otherwise, later on when the company
was taken over by Abbott only a handful of the 'oldies' from Knoll were
retained, needless to mention this person jumped 2 notches ahead on a
promotion! His entire approach had changed overtly and covertly! A young
medical rep who once attended this program joined Harvard for a PhD
after 5 years and called me from the US, literally crying that "you made
me realize my potential and stopped me from stopping myself scaling new

In the UAE it has been done for the Indian Association of Chartered
Accountants at the HCT in Abu Dhabi and their comments can be had to
reinforce my feedback above.

My proposal for you is very simple: I offer a reduced 2 hour version of
this course to you FREE OF COST for the months of November and December

Please call or email me for an outline of the course.

Kind regards

Imran Owais Kazmi

MD, Synergize (a Synergie Consultants Company)
P O Box 74327, The Fairmont, Dubai, UAE
Voice (Dubai) +9714 3116779
Fax (Dubai) +9714 3311765
Cellphone (Dubai) +97150 5849562
Email  <mailto:imran@synergize.org> imran@synergize.org Web
<http://www.synergize.org/> http://www.synergize.org 


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