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Re: end tag rules

From: Klaus Schmid <klaus.schmid@wtal.de>
Date: Sun, 7 Nov 2004 20:23:11 +0100
Message-ID: <003201c4c4ff$3916b2f0$fe7aa8c0@DESKTOP>
To: <www-validator@w3.org>

Many thanks for all your replies.

The page validates when uploaded as a local file, so I was not wrong to omit
these 'optional' closing tags.

These 22 bytes are obviously the "tp" and "bt" insertions by the server,
which do not appear when the page is edited via web-interface, but which are
visible with the view-source link -- and with the W3C validator except the
last cut off insertion.

<body><!-- tp -->
>Valid </a><a
>HTML 4.01 </a>Strict!</small></p><!-- bt --></body>

Of course I sent a request for help to the web space provider.
If someone knows something about these 'magic' comment insertions I would be

-- Klaus
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