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Re: [ANN] Beta test for the Markup Validator - 0.6.5beta3

From: Frank Ellermann <nobody@xyzzy.claranet.de>
Date: Fri, 07 May 2004 07:12:35 +0200
To: www-validator@w3.org
Message-ID: <409B1AC3.38B7@xyzzy.claranet.de>
Cc: olivier Thereaux <ot@w3.org>

olivier Thereaux wrote:

> we may be able to expand our list of supported charsets.

Good.  I'm not planning to publish PC-multilingual-850+euro or
similar pages, but IIRC somebody here wanted codepage 437, and
somebody else MacRoman.

> What trouble can you think of?

It's on my short list starting with "sed", and that's something
I'd never ever show normal human beings... ;-)  In fact I was
even unable to change my old address on your bugzilla version.

> I thought gmane was mostly a read-only thing, was I wrong?

It's a Gateway MAil NEws, and apparently write access on this
list (W3C validator) works.  Web archives are fine for online
reading, but difficult to use as soon as I want to write to a

 [source listing for errors]
> Any advocate of keeping the current behaviour?

As an option it's fine, but _only_ as an option.  Maybe using
a cookie with preferences.  I'd then set my preferences to NO
ECHO because most of the time I try to validate my own pages.

But sometimes I try to find out why something doesn't work with
my browser, then it would be nice to get the (foreign) source
with the report.

>> "DOCTYPE override" info _can_ appear twice in the output
> Do you have a test case for that?

<http://purl.net/xyzzy/home/test/res.htm> with HTML 2 results
in two "DOCTYPE override" warnings.  Maybe I shouldn't force
"HTML 2" for "valid HTML 2 strict" - this was only a test ;-)

 [HTML 2 icon]
> Need to look into that

Same URL without override => no icon.  Almost irrelevant from
my point of view, but it could be some kind of general DOCTYPE
confusion in the validator causing both "errors".

 ["start your httpd" error message]
> test case for the (strange) message you're quoting?

Try an URL pointing to an existing host without a http-server,
e,g. abuse <http://testcase.boulder.ibm.com/> and validate it
with option "test error pages".

> without knowing the encoding, finding the doctype is a matter
> of garbage-in garbage-out, and it's therefore not logical to
> adapt the mechanism in case of absence of charset to an
> hypothetical detection of the doctype.

Yes, that makes sense.  OTOH I don't like any overhead in error
pages.  There should be a way to validate very simple documents
like "<title> oops </title><pre> go away </pre>", where DOCTYPE
and charset are irrelevant, as long as the text doesn't contain
unintentional "<" or "&" characters or similar stupid errors.

For "irrelevant" read "the oldest DTD you have and Latin-1" ;-)

> Indeed, fixed (in CVS).

Tnx.  How did you do this, there is now a name="skip", but it's
still valid XHTML 1.0 strict ?  Or do I confuse 1.0 strict with
1.1 ?  BTW, the "results" link still doesn't work for _valid_
documents, because then you have no "results" fragment at all,
but that's of course no problem.  I haven't tested this effect
with your list of "strange cases" in the test suite.

>> ",text" and ",tablin" are different documents.
> Agreed. Suggested fix?

Hard to say, because I see the version without CSS.  Is there
any reason why you don't offer text / tablin results as options
on the extended interface ?  Otherwise you could implement this
as options without mentioning it on the normal result page.

>> - "help and FAQ"
>> <http://jiggles.w3.org/servlet/docs/help.html>
>>   is apparently broken.
> Weird, where did you find that link?

No idea, I can't reproduce it today, forget it.

 [Help for options]
> This is now done in CVS.

Tnx again, but please add a name="Options" on this page.  Maybe
it's only my browser, but if it goes to a new page and doesn't
find the specified fragment, then it displays the _end_ of the
page.  And scrolling back I would first find "output options"
instead of the wanted "options".

All in all, I like the new version, the only serious problem
is the forced source listig for errors.  Bye, Frank
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