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Problems with local validator

From: <matthew.burgess@syntegra.com>
Date: Thu, 11 Mar 2004 16:30:01 -0000
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I've been battling with the installation of the w3c validator for a few
days(!) now.  This is on a solaris 2.8 box which hasn't made things
particularly easy.  After finally getting OpenSP-1.5.1 installed and getting
Oracle's webserver to treat the `check` script as a cgi script (i.e. not run
it through it's own perl "cartridge") I think I'm finally stumped so am
asking anyone here if they've encountered similar problems.

Firstly, my server is sending out content as charset "iso-8859-1".  This
comes back with an error from Text::Iconv as an invalid argument in lines
2663 and 2692.  I got around this by hardcoding the values of "ISO8859-1" and
"UTF-8" in place of $result_charset and "utf-8" respectively (Solaris' iconv
appears to be case sensitive).  I'm assuming these are bugs in Text::Iconv,
not doing the necessary case/naming conversions.  So with that problem out
the way I now get a results page back from the validator claiming that the
page is invalid but no results are shown.  My error_log shows: "Use of
uninitialized value in pattern match (m//) at
/projects/users/burgessm/public_html/validator/check line 744."

The only other post I've found with this error message was related to someone
using an old (1.3.4) version of OpenSP.

Thanks for any suggestions,

BTW: Is it possible to have the exact output of `onsgmls` output to the web
page.  I know setting the "Debug" setting in validatot.conf to 1 will output
the command used, but I'd like to see the unparsed output if possible.

Matthew Burgess
BT Syntegra

email: matthew.burgess@btsyntegra.com 
tel: (+44) (0)191 4614648
web: www.btsyntegra.com


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