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Social Media and The Support Economy

From: John Maloney <john_maloney@tseventures.com>
Date: Fri, 30 Jul 2004 06:45:41 -0700
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Greetings --


Among the most important worldwide shifts we are experiencing is the move to
a support economy. Social tools and social media will play a pivotal role in
this economic transformation.


The scholarship for this historic change is The
Support Economy, by Shoshana Zuboff and Jim Maxmin. Shoshana is the Charles
Edward Wilson Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business


This message is your personal invitation to participate in next chapter of
capitalism and activate your role in the support economy.


Here are The Support Economy principles:


It is with great pleasure and excitement to introduce you to an emergent
federation known as Support Economy Ventures (SEV). 




SEV will fuse a community of entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, deep
support professionals and support economists. The objective is to ignite and
propel the flow of capital to fund and build the deep support


The first major undertaking is to convene two SEV Investment Summits. 


The dates are: 


New York City: Friday, October 22, 2004

San Francisco: Friday, December 10, 2004




The Summit benefits and value proposition:


Entrepreneurs: Meet leading Support Economy investors and thought leaders;

Investors: Meet SE entrepreneurs, their offerings and opportunities;

Stakeholders: Develop relationships with Support Economy leaders and



The agenda are taking flight right now. Shoshana, Jim and others will be
present to lead conversations and nurture relationships. The specific goal
is to initiate and sustain the flow of capital to deep support
entrepreneurs. It is now time to begin the deliberate investment in building
a support economy based on distributed capitalism. 


Registration (NYC): https://www.kmcluster.com/SEV/Registration_NYC.htm

Registration (SFO): https://www.kmcluster.com/SEV/Registration_SFO.htm 


Support Economy Ventures will evolve into a federate network of deep support
entrepreneurs, support economists and investors. Resources are needed today
to establish the deep support infrastructure for the federation. Akin to a
political campaign, arrangements have been made to enable you to release
cash into your SEV network. With your donation you personally opt-in to
sustain the future of the community and lead the success of the SEV


Donation: http://www.tseventures.com/Donation.htm


What can you do right now? 


- Reserve the dates and register for the SEV Investment Summits: Oct 22
(NYC); Dec 10 (SFO);


- Contribute to your SEV Federation:

- Share this message broadly in your professional orbit;

- Contact Support Economy Ventures to participate in the next episode of

- Identify and forward ventures, startups and ideas related to deep support;

- Read The Support Economy! Live the principles!







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T: 415.902.9676
F: 415.276.6074
IM: jheuristic
http://www.tseventures.com <http://www.tseventures.com/schedule.htm> 


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