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Re: bug in cvs version since May 2003

From: <matt@proweb.co.uk>
Date: Wed, 14 Jan 2004 09:59:40 0000
Message-ID: <a9027c729fa1819462bc49af695e9290@juice.thebigchoice.com>
To: ot@w3.org, matt@proweb.co.uk, www-validator@w3.org

>This version is in the HEAD branch, which is known (although not well 
>publicized) to be broken.

I must admit that there is a big banner saying 'unstable' on the web page once "working".

>It's usually recommended to install either the stable version from 
>http://validator.w3.org/source/ but if you want a more recent version 
>the one in CVS in the "validator-0_6_0-branch" branch is a relatively 
>safe choice, whereas HEAD is "there be dragons".

I didn't install HEAD deliberately, I just followed the CVS instructions on 

All it says in that page is  : you install from tarball or CVS, here's how.

One would have thought that checking out the CVS version would 
at least get you something that worked.

Anyway, I don't want to sound like I'm moaning (too much :)

I can always ask for my money back.

It's working locally now and it is a wonderful tool. 
I'm glad I'm not taking any more of the w3.org CPU cycles.

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