Hi.. I was helping James (attached) with validating his webpage when I came across something unusual to me.

His page: http://www.professionalwebpages.biz/pwp2/

As errors are eliminated, the Validator only asks for one alt attribute and one closing tag on the second image (line 48), but he is using two images. The first image (next to the "document.write") is not being shown as having anything missing (neither the closing nor the alt attribute).

For kicks, I added those to that first image anyway the way I thought they should be in there, and the Validator didn't complain then either.

I decided to report this observation to you all because it had been my understanding that all images needed those features on them in XHTML. If I am mistaken or if this (glitch?) has already been noted, my apologies. I try to read all posts, but I'm sure I miss some. :o)

Thanks ~ Have a great day!

Cindy Sue Causey
FavoriteWebsite Guru

From: "PWP - Support"

>Subject: Problem with validator - I think anyway
>Date: Thu, 25 Sep 2003 08:13:39 +1000
>I built a basic "shell" of a web page with dreamweaver - making sure the page was compliant with XHTML
>I ran the page through your validator and It came up with errors - but i cannot see anything wrong with the code
>Could some tell my why? as there is no body and the tags are standard.
>Thanks heaps

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