Hi, James.. Your page should validate with just a few simple changes. For the most part, you need to change your uppercase (IMG, SRC, WIDTH, ...) to lowercase (img, src, width, ...) and add quotation marks around your zero for border and the same for type in your script.

If you are not very familiar with the validator, it is sometimes easier to make a couple of changes at a time then revalidate to see what those changes affect. Many of the errors that show are a result of other earlier simple errors and will disappear once the easier~to~spot corrections are made. You probably wouldn't have to do that more than once or twice before you caught on to how it all works.

The last errors showed on your images. In XHTML, images are closed by adding a space after the last quotation mark then a / before the last >. The last error you should be prompted for after that is an alt attribute on your image. You need t o add something like:

alt="couple of descriptive words"

I am going to repost about your page because you have two images and are only being asked to give an alt attribute for one of them. The one inside your script doesn't have the alt attribute and is being passed over for some reason. Maybe I've missed something along the way..

Hope this helps!

Cindy Sue Causey
FavoriteWebsite Guru

>From: "PWP - Support"
>Subject: Problem with validator - I think anyway
>Date: Thu, 25 Sep 2003 08:13:39 +1000
>I built a basic "shell" of a web page with dreamweaver - making sure the page was compliant with XHTML
>I ran the page through your validator and It came up with errors - but i cannot see anything wrong with the code
>Could some tell my why? as there is no body and the tags are standard.
>Thanks heaps

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