From Jeff:

>I am trying to validate my page and my server (yahoo) keeps generating text.
>The validate then finds about 50 errors in their generated text. Is there a
>way I can remove this text so that my page will validate?

Hi, Jeff.. I use Yahoo some, too. They throw in all that extra stuff for ads and traffic tracking. Pretty much the only thing you can do is validate your own code before it is uploaded to Yahoo. Just search your files by clicking that "Browse" button right next to the "Local File" textbox on the Validation Service webpage.

Unfortunately your online pages will never validate pure until you pay for your own domain. Wouldn't it be nice if they (the providers) could come up with something that would generate code based on a webpage's DOCTYPE?? :o)

Happy, Safe Surfing!

Cindy Sue Causey
FavoriteWebsite Guru

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