I have had to write directly, and not via the mailto of W3C.org because I am working from an internet café.
I created a site http://wehner.org which looked exactly as it looks at http://wehner.org/addison.htm .
I planned in advance to put a menu in place of the original INDEX.HTM - and extend the site to cover new subjects.
I invented the "Moiré" technology that you see at http://wehner.org - it works best in FRAMES because they have no CELLPADDING on Internet Explorer. The alternative can be seen at http://wehner.org/menu.htm .
So I decided to use a FRAMES "wrapper" with MAIN as the main frame.
Buttons are on the left, but all pages go to MAIN. They are the set of all pages "TARGETTED FROM ELSEWHERE".
When one reaches the end of the Addison site - for example, click for ADDISON, click for WHATIS, go to the bottom of the page and click for HOME - which takes you to ../../index.htm - you get TWO rows of buttons.
Thus, INDEX.HTM requires a command to over-ride the "targetted from elsewhere to MAIN". It needs a "TARGETTED FROM ITSELF" command, saying "I belong at _top".
What is the official way of cancelling the target specification from elsewhere, and imposing a default target for the page?
This is a problem that is likely to crop up often.
I have done a great deal of searching - and sent a query to W3C which did not appear.
Charles Douglas Wehner

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