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Warnings as Errors in Fussy Parsing Mode and other, unrelated things

From: Nathan I. Sharfi <nisharfi@csupomona.edu>
Date: Sun, 28 Sep 2003 17:56:58 -0700 (PDT)
To: www-validator@w3.org
Message-ID: <Pine.GSO.4.55.0309281726270.8461@fluffy.intranet.csupomona.edu>

I ran http://www.cyclooctane.com/random/fussytester.html through the Beta
Validator v0.6.5 (http://validator.w3.org:8001/) in Fussy Parsing Mode, and
it said that the page is not valid HTML 4.01 Strict and proceeded to list
the _errors_ on the page. I suspected otherwise, and running it through in
unfussy mode gave me the "This Page Is Valid HTML 4.01 Strict!" that I
thought I deserved.


"Line 9, column 6: document type does not allow element "LI" here; missing
one of "UL", "OL" start-tag"

is incorrect, since the document type does allow this; it is merely
questionable practice to do so.

On a largely unrelated note, would it be possible to customize explanations
such that one could have "<code>li</code> elements must be inside either
<code>ul</code> or <code>ol</code> elements." instead of the overly generic
message #65?

Anyway, here's a generic one for #70:

The parser is expecting a closing tag for the mentioned element, but a
closing tag for a different element has been encountered instead. To fix
this, check and make sure that all [non-br/link/hr-like] elements have
properly nested closing tags to match their start tags.

What's this "OMITTAG NO" business? I didn't specify anything. Not directly,

Is it just me, or is it an odd quirk of language that the validator mentions
"start-tags" with a hyphen in the error that corresponds to message #65 "end
tags" sans hyphen in the error that corresponds to message #70?

Just pitching in my $.10,
Received on Sunday, 28 September 2003 21:01:26 UTC

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