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To sell Chinaknots & make friends with you!

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Date: Fri, 26 Sep 2003 19:10:33 +0800 (CST)
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We run a new factory.Our products are made and sold all by ourselves.We are mainly making and selling China-Knots.Here are 12800 Six-Wing-Plate-Long Knots.That is just of one kind of China-Knots. The  upper natural mould size of the dimensions is 8.5cm .Great ear is 2.5-2.6cm . Little ear is 0.5-0.6cm . Tassels length is 9cm . If you need these gifts the possible price is 1.5 yuan per set. This is the wholesale price of them .The address of delivery (to hand over and take over  goods )ie of exchanging commodities is wholly regulated in  my place -----Shanzhao Village,Jinling Town,Zhaoyuan City ,Shandong Province .   Post Code --265404 . Tel --86-0535-8372443  Mobile---013905456974    Mr. Shao   Only  Once  deal of cash either transfers . Deliberate in the interest of facilitateing you  I  particularly deliver  the annex £¨that is the example photograph £©.Plese accept it.In case you have a mind to  please get in touch with us as quickly as possible .Warmly welcome long-period
  coorporative friend. Welcome you and yours.                   Eml:1.  sarahliya@west123.com     2. sara-lia-2443@163.com   3.  shaochengguo@west163.com     4. shaode2002cn@yahoo.com.cn
               SPECIFICATIONS & PRICES (photos as follows)


The upper natural mould size of the dimensions is 8.5cm.Great ear is 2.5-2.6cm.Little ear is     
0.5-0.6cm.Tassels length is 9cm.           The price of it is 1.5RMB/set.   
                                               2.POLY-WING KNOTS(small,no happiness)
The upper natural mould size of the dimensions is 5.5cm.Great ear is  1.8cm-1.3cm-0.5cm.Little ear is 0.7cm.Tassels width is 1cm.Lower length is 8cm.
                                                              The price of it is 2RMB/set.

                                                3.POLY-WING KNOTS(big,with happiness)
The upper natural mould size of the dimensions is 6.5cm.Great ear is 2.5cm-1cm-0.5cm.Little ear is 0.7cm.Tassels width is 2cm.Lower length is 11.5cm.
                                                             The price of it is 2.5RMB/set.

                                                4.RICHES&HONOUR FROM BLOSSOM
The upper blossom is 13.5cm*7cm.Lower knot is 5cm*4cm.Lower length is 21cm.
                                                             The price of it is 20RMB/set.

                                                5.CROWDS OF MAGIC KNOTS(luxury version with HAPPINESS)
                                                             The price of it is 180RMB/set.

                                                6.CROWDS OF MAGIC KNOTS(pricise version,no HAPPINESS)
                                                             The price of it is 120RMB/set.
 Chengguo Handicrafts Factory Of Zhaoyuan City  Shandong Province     

  Private enterprise .Registered Capital is 1 ten thousand yuan .Mainly do with Handiwork process and Sale .Have appropriate production capacity .Business License Number is 3706852900668.The ownership of knowledge doesn't exist now.Enterprise Manager is Shao Chengguo.Identitication Certificate Number is 370624680927131.At the moment  the main product of business is  China-knots .We mainly make and sell Six-Wing-Plate-Long Knots.Both in and out of China who need these handiwork gifts are welcome .I do have faith in coorporating well with those who are interested in these fields--you and yours indeed!


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