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output=xml and malformed URIs

From: Struan Donald <w3-validator@exo.org.uk>
Date: Wed, 12 Nov 2003 00:10:34 +0000
To: www-validator@w3.org
Message-ID: <20031112001034.GB6597@struan.dsvr.co.uk>


I'm writing a Perl module to access the Validator, especially to
provide easy access to the XML output. I've noticed that if you provide
a URI that the validator's not happy with, e.g example.com/index.html
then the resulting error message is the HTML page you'd get if you'd
used the validator as normal.

I realise that the XML output is experimental so I was wondering what
the plans are for it in this respect? There doesn't seem to be
anywhere obvious in the DTD for this sort of thing.

On a related issue if you provide a malformed URI when making a HEAD
request you get the HTTP headers of the same HTML error page which
provides no way of knowing what has gone wrong. Is this also likely to
change or should I just assume that if I don't get back any
X-W3C-Validator-* headers that somethings gone wrong?


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