I have made my site W3C validated. When I try to find out using other service to find out if my site is section 508 compliant, Im told I should us a Cascading Style Sheet. I do not want to use a CSS to me it makes more work to the page than it need to be. Is this a must to meet? If it is in that case my site may never be ADA accessibility. I'm not in the position to even implement the style sheet. So W3C validation vs Section 508 ADA accessibility. In some cases section 508 ADA Accessibility does not like W3C mark up? Im not sure what that means.
So I guess my real question is. If I can not make my site section 508, why would I want to make it W3C validate. I do understand that W3C is only one step in accessibility. Any ideas I have two sites that I work on.
www.filinginoregon.com and www.oregoncities.org.
Thank You
Timothy R. Meeks
Web & Publication Coordinator