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From: Luca Mussio <lmussio@yukicom.com>
Date: Mon, 14 Jul 2003 21:19:55 +0200
To: <www-validator@w3.org>
Message-ID: <LBEBJNGOEMDJMFKOGMPGIEJGCDAA.lmussio@yukicom.com>

Dear Sirs,

I think that your service is very important to the Internet
I'm a chief of an Italian Web Farm & Development Society
called "YUKICOM S.r.l." and when we realized web pages we
try to make all them valid HTML using your online tools
and linking to your website through "W3C Valid HTML" link.
( to see example in developing progress: http://www1.yukicom.it )

So we've received many question from our customers about
receiving an online certification page linking on the W3C image,
that can certificate the site and the page as valid html,
graphically more comprehensible for the hand-user and the visitor
of the website, such as having a "certificate image" where the
name of the referred site's page is declared valid html.

I think that people that are not envolved in Information Technology
are not able to understand the meant of the validation process,
so a page with a certificate image and an explanation under it
will help them and your work, i suppose.

Thank you in advance for your appreciation.

Luca Mussio
        Yukicom S.r.l.
        Web Services and IT Consulting

        Business Center:
        Via A. Toscanini 18 - 10155  Turin (TO) ITALY

        Operative Center:
        P.zza Statuto, n.12 - 10100  Turin (TO) ITALY

        tel : (+39) 011.436.04.29
        gsm : (+39) 347.480.62.30
        fax : (+39) 02.700.50.19.85
        pop : info@yukicom.com
        web : http://yukicom.it

        vcf : http://yukicom.it/BV/Mussio_Luca.vcf
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