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New window

From: Stefan Svensson <stefan@tomego.com>
Date: Wed, 17 Dec 2003 11:57:18 +0100
To: <www-validator@w3.org>
Message-ID: <000701c3c48c$8b6ae590$84cbe251@stefan>

Hi guys,

I visited
http://cscie12.dce.harvard.edu/lecture/8/notes/new_window.html, found
via Google.

I want to have my vistors opening a new smaller window ( no resizable
and no scrollbars) when they click a specifik link on my webpage. I do
not want to use a JavaScript which the spiders from the search engine
can't detect the link and therefor not index my pages. The code I found
on this page seems perfect but .... Why is the time from that I click on
the link until the new window appears, appr 10 seconds? That is far to
much. Is there any way it can be reduced to 1 second?

Best regards
Stefan Svensson
Tomego - Sweden
Phone: +46 31 - 18 12 85
Mobile: +46 708 - 64 16 93

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