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Re: installing validator locally

From: Ville Skyttä <ville.skytta@iki.fi>
Date: 18 Aug 2003 00:28:21 +0300
To: Ferenc Veres <lion@netngine.hu>
Cc: www-validator@w3.org
Message-Id: <1061155700.14512.258.camel@bobcat.mine.nu>

On Mon, 2003-08-18 at 00:08, Ferenc Veres wrote:

> There are almost nothing written in the docs about local installation. 

True.  But that has been somewhat improved for the current beta release,
see http://validator.w3.org:8001/source/

> Sun Aug 17 22:43:47 2003] [error] [client] [Sun Aug 17 
> 22:43:45 2003] check: main::iana_charset_blurb() called too early to 
> check prototype at /var/www/cgi-bin/validator/check line 348.
> [Sun Aug 17 22:43:47 2003] [error] [client] [Sun Aug 17 
> 22:43:46 2003] check: Use of uninitialized value in pattern match (m//) 
> at /var/www/cgi-bin/validator/check line 589.

A couple of suggestions:
- Verify that you have OpenSP 1.5.  Older versions don't work with the
- I'd recommend running the current beta version or a prepackaged one 
  if it exists for your OS.  See the URL above for download locations,
  as well as instructions on how to check out the code from CVS if you
  like (be sure to use the validator-0_6_0-branch).  Note that there are
  currently no Red Hat packages ready, even though the above page says 
  so, if you need one just ping me.

> Bug on your page: on validator.w3c.org/source the download 2.8MB 
> downloads just 160K and the remainings is in another file listed below 
> on that page.

Fixed in the beta version.

> Please note: installing the required packages is relatively easy, most 
> distros contain almost all and the 1-2 extra Perl package needs just 1-2 
> commands typed, so a paragraph about the VALIDATOR FILES itself (where 
> to copy, etc) would be excellent in the package :-)

Right.  Will try to get something written before the next release. 
Thanks for the heads up!

The RPM specfile contains some information how to install, but not in
very human readable form unless you happen to be familiar with RPMs.

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