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Re: Referer doesn't work

From: Nick Kew <nick@webthing.com>
Date: Wed, 18 Dec 2002 18:44:09 +0000 (GMT)
To: Brian White <brian.white@webone.com.au>
Cc: www-validator@w3.org
Message-ID: <Pine.LNX.4.21.0212181840450.1460-100000@jarl.webthing.com>

On Wed, 18 Dec 2002, Brian White wrote:

> On my webpage (www.webone.com.au/~bwhite/index.html) I show the XHTML1.1 
> icon with an appropriate link to "http://validator.w3.org/check/referer" 
> as suggested on the validation page.
> However, when I click on the link, it attempts to validate the validate 
> page rather than my own page, and shows an error.

Works fine from here.  I'd guess you may have a browser or proxy cacheing

> My page validates separately as XHTML1.1.

Then it should really be served as application/xhtml+xml , instead
of the text/html you're using.

Nick Kew
Received on Wednesday, 18 December 2002 13:51:43 UTC

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