Bunch of validator patches

From: Ville Skyttä (ville.skytta@popsystems.com)
Date: Mon, Oct 08 2001

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    Date: Mon, 8 Oct 2001 09:23:40 +0300
    From: Ville Skyttä <ville.skytta@popsystems.com>
    To: www-validator@w3.org
    Message-Id: <20011008092340.0fe6db82.ville.skytta@popsystems.com>
    Subject: Bunch of validator patches
    Hello people,
    I sent this message already on saturday but seems one has to be subscribed
    to the list before sending, so here it goes again:
    I've been hacking around with the current validator source from CVS and
    made some patches (attached). The patches are independent of each other
    unless otherwise said, here's some notes about them:
    - added support for all schemes supported by LWP
      (except 'file' for security reasons)
    - tweaked unsupported scheme message
    - removed URI::Escape (unused)
    - avoid namespace pollution by adding ()'s to use's
    - whitespace cleanups
    - use host name from environment instead of hardcoded
    - added more portability to path names using File::Spec
      ($base_path stuff still not portable)
    - use POSIX::tmpnam() for temp file names
    - added "8859_1" to list of should-be-replaced charsets
      (example: http://www.jboss.org/)
    validator-xhtml.patch (requires validator-protocol.patch):
    - XHTML validity and coding style consistency fixes
      (the "default" values for CGI's popup_menu up to 2.78 are broken; like
      selected="1", I've sent a patch for this to the author)
    - added "for" attributes to labels so they work in Mozilla
    - cleanup of unused DOCTYPEs
    - added Content-Language header
    - use locally installed validity icons
    - cleanup + XHTML output to failed basic authentication message
    validator-checklink.patch (checklink.pl only):
    - XHTML 1.0 Strict
    - avoid namespace pollution by adding ()'s to use's
    - removed HTTP::Status (unused)
    - whitespace cleanups
    - added monospace to pre, code and tt elements for nicer output
    - XHTML validity fixes and nicer output to some static files
    - added some warnings when closing filehandles fail
    - nuked some warnings reported by perl -w
    Ville Skyttä
    Popsystems Ltd