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Re: checklink.pl fails: missing sys/syscall.ph?

From: Terje Bless <link@tss.no>
Date: Sun, 27 May 2001 08:35:59 +0200
To: "David M. Karr" <david.karr@cacheflow.com>
Cc: www-validator@w3.org
Message-ID: <20010527091521-b01010701-6993b756@>
On 14.05.01 at 08:24, David M. Karr <david.karr@cacheflow.com> wrote:

>Hello.  I'm trying to set up checklink.pl to validate the links of some
>generated HTML.  I've downloaded all of the packages that there were
>unresolved references for, and now I'm left with the following
>checklink.pl output (html output hacked so a browser won't get
>Can't locate sys/syscall.ph in @INC (did you run h2ph?) [...]
>I'm now trying to resolve "sys/syscall.ph".  I can't find this anywhere
>on CPAN or the main Perl web site.  I haven't looked at the other
>warnings yet.  I just tried to run it on a trivial web page that has a
>link to a nonexistent page.

This is a problem with your Perl installation. It looks like you installed
Cygwin and compiled Perl yourself or used the Perl that came with Cygwin?
Try getting ActiveState Perl from ActiveState
<URL:http://www.ActiveState.com/> and use that instead.
Received on Sunday, 27 May 2001 03:15:25 UTC

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