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[Re: Shaming compaines into improving their HTML]

From: Brian Kavanaugh <bkavanaugh@usa.net>
Date: 24 May 2001 18:55:28 CDT
Message-ID: <20010524235528.25246.qmail@nwcst291.netaddress.usa.net>
To: www-validator@w3.org
Kynn Bartlett <kynn@idyllmtn.com> wrote:
> >I think it's a very simple reason: If you don't code properly,
> >your pages won't show up.
> Except they do.  What is the motivation for making those pages suddenly
> NOT show up?  Besides greater adherence to purist dogma.  Answer:  There
> is none.  The argument "browsers shouldn't attempt to display broken
> markup" is one propped up when the argument "valid markup is good"
> fails, but it's a weak, lame argument.  More time should be spent making
> the value of valid markup obvious than trying to coerce browser makers
> into supporting one particular dogmatic stance at the expense of their
> business success.

Isn't one of the main reasons browsers have gotten so bloated is all the
effort going into interpreting the intent behind bad HTML code?

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