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Frédéric GONOT
frédéric gonot Frédéric GONOT.
born in Strasbourg (F) in 1969.
Sup/Spé au Lycée Kléber.
Permanent resident in Germany since 6 years.
ISP - Internet Service Provider
In germany, the Telefon and/or Internet Service Providers are reachable directly from each telefon without any registration. All costs are shifted to the periodic telefon connection price (fee per minutes). All costs are merged in the periodic bill from the former-public Deutsche-Telekom company. This solution ensures in germany a fair and efficacious concurrence between the telefon providers. offers a very good and ever well updated comparison of all prices and services of the german TSPs and ISPs. The french equivalent is
Free HTML-editor
The Composer from Netscape is very easy and usefull...
After a while, try to program directly your pages in HTML... and try to use the most efficacious text-editor : man vi

Good HTML documentation :

Free Home Pages
Several megabytes on the french tripod
and on the german tripod
HTML Validation : Best Viewed With Any Browser !
To show my readers that I have taken the care to create an interoperable Web page, i check all my pages on Valid HTML 4.0!
Free Operating System (Open-Source)
Unix powerfull Operating System
"System und Software Entwicklung" (SuSE) is german... like a lot of other linux products.
Free X11 Window Manager (Open-Source)
The powerfull X11 Window Manager
Free Submit
Submit your website to 40 search engines. Don't forget additionnaly, to submit your page directly to some search machines, like, etc...
Free X11 Drawing Tool
xfig interactive drawing tool
For geometrical pictures : easy and powerfull.
Free X11 Picture Tools
xv (shareware) the powerfull Picture File Program !!
Read (almost) all picture-formats (gif, jpeg, tiff, png, postscript, pbm, pgm, ppm, X11-bitmat, xpm, bmp, Sun Rasterfile, iris rgb, targa, fits, pm, mag, pic, maki, pi, pic2) and convert each format in any other format :
gimp a very good open-source !!
The GNU Image Manipulation Program is a freely distributed piece of software suitable for such tasks as photo retouching, image composition and image authoring. A lot of books about it are available now.
Free local-search machine
Here a french one :
Ajoutez un moteur de recherche à votre Web
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