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Re: meta question

From: <JAMESICUS@aol.com>
Date: Sun, 19 Aug 2001 13:33:56 EDT
Message-ID: <f8.e61107e.28b15284@aol.com>
To: www-validator@w3.org
CC: Seething13@webtv.net
In a message dated 8/19/01 9:57:59 AM US Mountain Standard Time, 
Seething13@webtv.net writes:

> This page: 
>  http://www.w3.org/TR/REC-html40/struct/global.html 
>  along with quite a few other pages on the w3 website, are unviewabe by
>  webtv. We only see the right half of the page. (and most of the info
>  seems to most likely be on the left hand side of the page, since all I
>  see is a few lines of text and then HUGE blank spaces) Our browser
>  window is set to 540 pixels wide, any site that uses more than that in a
>  non-percentage form, can't be completely viewed by webtv. Maybe THIS
>  explains why so many webtv built websites are not up to standard.....the
>  website that makes the standards can't be seen by webtv users! (no,
>  there is no way to adjust it either) If ANYONE would just take the time
>  to tell me what (if anything) is wrong with my meta tags on my site, and
>  how to fix the problem, I would be truely grateful!

>  (maybe I should just try to make a .txt file of that page and put it on
>  my own account....but then, it's copyrighted, so that'd be illegal,
>  right? And yes, I DO wish I wasn't poor and I do wish I had good credit
>  so I could buy a PC! It's NOT me, it's my stupid browser/ISP...)

I do believe this should be discussed further off-list -- I will do so from 
now on. IMO it will serve you best to research the rationale behind meta tags 
-- as provided in the cited page -- the correspondence can quite voluminous 
in critiquing your meta tag usage.

I do believe you can download the text of the W3C page for your private 
viewing without violating copyright. Check out the following URI for general 
copyright information .....

10 Big Myths about copyright explained

..... and, for more precise information in this regard, contact the W3C via 
their home page.

James Pickering
Tucson, Arizona

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