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Re: ISO-10646 in HTML 4.01(B

From: (wrong string) †hing¹³ <Seething13@webtv.net>
Date: Fri, 10 Aug 2001 10:26:20 -0400 (EDT)
To: www-validator@w3.org (B
Message-ID: <7581-3B73EF0C-82@storefull-224.iap.bryant.webtv.net>
 Please explain what you mean by what tools did I use to make my page.
Actually, it's a whole website, but I'm just now getting around to
validating and "tidying" the code up so it will run smoothly. 
If you mean what HTML editor, I do not believe in such cheating. I write
ALL my html code by hand. (well, I do copy parts from my previously
saved work, LOL! ....and I steal from other people, like my boyfriend a
Is that what you meant? Why do you ask, am I making any terrible errors?
I read just about every decent tutorial on the internet, and I TRY to
keep up with the trends as much as possible (Things move so fast
though...ya know?) 


PS, when I put that new charset on my front page, and tried the w3
validator, it said "unknown character on line 87 for this charset" So I
don't know what to do......that part of the page is a HTML fragment from
a webring (The Expert_HTML webring, GO FIGURE! LOL), and NOT my
coding....I tried to fix it up (GOD it had TERRIBLE coding misatkes) but
I have no idea what character it is referring to.....all I saw was
alpha-numerical coding in the thing.

attached mail follows:

What tools did you use for your page?  Regards,   Martin.

p.s. copying back to the validator list

At 20:20 01/08/09 -0400, $B%!(Bee$B+I(Bing$B%1%&(B wrote:
>Thanks for the reply, so your suggestion is to use utf-8 for my site?
>When you say to make sure I know which one I am using....how would I go
>about figuring that out? That's what I was hoping someone on this list
>could help me with!
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>Date: Thu, 09 Aug 2001 12:50:01 +0900
>To: Seething13@webtv.net, www-validator@w3.org
>From: Martin Duerst <duerst@w3.org>
>Subject: Re: ISO-10646 in HTML 4.01
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>Hello Seething,
>First, ISO 10646 is the *document character set* for HTML and XML.
>What that means is that any HTML or XML processor is supposed to
>behave as if it thought in ISO 10646 (aka Unicode), independent
>of how this is implemented.
>ISO 10646 as such (with or without hyphen, upper or lower case) is
>not a 'charset' (or character encoding), i.e. it does not define how
>to map from characters to bytes (or more importantly and correctly,
>from bytes to characters).
>Character encodings that cover all of iso 10646/Unicode are e.g.
>utf-8 and utf-16. But your page doesn't seem to contain anything
>outside us-ascii, and so you could even use charset=us-ascii.
>utf-8 is upwards compatible to that, so you could also use utf-8.
>There is no single one-and-only character encoding on the Web.
>The most important things are that:
>- You choose one this is used widely (us-ascii, utf-8, iso-8859-1,...)
>- You make sure that you know what you actually use
>- You make sure that you label your pages correctly.
>You will have to make very similar decisions for XHTML, so there
>is no waste of time if you think about it now.
>Regards,  Martin.
>At 23:25 01/08/08 -0400, $B%!(Bee$B+I(Bing$B%1%&(B wrote:
>>Hello, I am currently trying to bring my site up to specs, and I have
>>the following meta tag on my page. Your validator does not seem to
>>support this charset, yet on your site you specify that THIS IS the most
>>current charset and is recommended. What I need to know is, am I doing
>>this correctly, because I copied this code from a reputable help
>>website, yet it seems to cause a validation error (Shouldn't it all be
>>in lower case?). Is ISO-10646 the current recommended charset for
>>HTML4.01 documents written in American English?
>><META HTTP-EQUIV="Content-Type" CONTENT="text/html; charset=ISO-10646">
>>I believe for now, I will remove the charset tag completely.....since I
>>do not know which charset to use! Advice would be greatly appreciated!
>>Here is my URL: http://www.seething13.com
>>It is very hard to find easy to understand info on this topic, and I am
>>dead set on writing a tutorial for other to refer to once I figure it
>>all out! This is very frustrating! OH, and what's this about XHTML 1.0?
>>Should I even BOTHER trying to conform to HTML 4.01 if XHTML 1.0 is
>>going to replace it soon? I'm sorry to ask so much but I HAVE been
>>surfing your site for 3 days now and still have not found the answers I
>>am looking for.
>>Many thanks,
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