Re: fails: missing sys/

From: Terje Bless (
Date: Thu, Jun 28 2001

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    Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2001 08:15:39 +0200
    From: Terje Bless <>
    To: W3C Validator <>
    cc: Hugo Haas <>, hunter <>, "Michael B. Weiner" <>, David Karr <>
    Message-ID: <20010628081553-b01010705-e0aa4e51-0910-010c@>
    Subject: Re: fails: missing sys/
    On 27.06.01 at 14:50, Michael B. Weiner <>
    >Still fails with the following: [...] Can't locate sys/ in @INC
    >                                      (did you run h2ph?)
    Sorry; I was a bit quick. That message is caused by a missing header file
    that tries to include. You can fix it by:
    $ su -
    # cd /usr/include
    # h2ph *.h */*.h
    [ generates modo output and runs for quite some time; get coffee ;D ]
    # logout
    $ perl -Tcw ./ Syntax OK
    $ ./
    (offline mode: enter name=value pairs on standard input)
    Looks like Red Hat doesn't include the Perl header files so you need to
    regenerate them from the system headers. I'll do some digging in Red Hat
    Bugzilla and see if it's a known issue with their shipping Perl.