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Re: Missing Images

From: Terje Bless <link@tss.no>
Date: Tue, 17 Apr 2001 01:07:36 +0200
To: Cassie Roads <cassie@gto.net>
cc: www-validator@w3.org
Message-ID: <20010417010903-b01010701-7af1d146@>
On 15.04.01 at 21:17, Cassie Roads <cassie@gto.net> wrote:

>On several pages, one notices that graphics are not loading.  Even when
>one right clicks on the missing image and selects “Show Picture”, the
>image fails to load.

On which page did you see this and what is the URL of the image that
doesn't load? What OS and browser/version do you use? There was recently a
report that content negotiation (for the "Valid HTML" badges) fails on
Win98 with MSIE 5.5.
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