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Validation Output

From: Mike Taylor <mike@tecc.co.uk>
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 1999 12:33:49 -0400 (EDT)
To: www-validator@w3.org
Message-Id: <E11fn3c-0001q9-00@fw-smtp.tecc.co.uk>

I've been using the W3C HTML validator, and rather liked the
end-matter block on its output (http://validator.w3.org/check/referer)
so I decided to incorporate something similar in my own page:

	  <a href="http://validator.w3.org/check/referer"><img
	     src="http://validator.w3.org/images/vh40" height=31 width=88
	     align=right border=0 alt="Valid HTML 4.0!"></a>
	  <a href="/feedback.html">Gerald Oskoboiny</a><br>
	  $Date: 1999/10/25 12:21:23 $

The irony, of course, is that this end-matter block itself fails the
validation, since the <IMG> tag's ALIGN and BORDER properties are
deprecated in 4.0 in favour of the generic style mechanisms.

Could that block be replaced with the appropriate 4.0-friendly
equivalent?  And can someone tell me how to do the same thing in my
own document?!  Please ...

	Mike Taylor
	TECC Ltd.
	Tel. +44 181 880 4040
Received on Monday, 25 October 1999 17:27:19 UTC

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