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Re: What is "validation"?

From: Kynn Bartlett <kynn@idyllmtn.com>
Date: Fri, 08 Oct 1999 21:38:42 -0700
Message-Id: <>
To: Uriel Wittenberg <uw@urielw.com>
Cc: W3C Validator <www-validator@w3.org>, Ann Navarro <ann@webgeek.com>
Sir, your public personal attacks are inappropriate and inaccurate,
and I demand a formal apology.  I care not what personal problems you
may have with CIWAH users (I've never even read that newsgroup
regularly), but your outright slander and lies are not tolerable.
--Kynn Bartlett

At 11:59 PM 10/08/1999 -0400, Uriel Wittenberg wrote:
>Ann Navarro wrote:
>> At 01:33 PM 10/8/99 -0400, Uriel Wittenberg wrote:
>> >Your question is awkward, because the correct answer involves
>> contradicting the
>> >angry Kynn.
>> Nothing in Kynn's responses qualify as "angry" Uriel, perhaps a little
>> projection is occuring here?
>> Someone can disagree with you, and argue against your position without
>> being "angry". It's not the fault of the person arguing if you project that
>> into anger.
>> Ann
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>It may be news to members of this mailing list, but the dissembling style
>exemplified by the Kynn/Ann duet is standard fare on the
>comp.infosystems.www.authoring.html (CIWAH) newsgroup. The routine has one of the
>CIWAH urchins unleashing a wholly unreasonable attack on an unsuspecting visitor
>posing an innocent query. If the visitor protests, he is then swarmed by a whole
>bevy of thugs -- the regulars.
>A few of these characters are aptly described at
>http://www.geocities.com/CapitolHill/2760/ciwah.html ("CIWAH - The Internet's
>Freak Show"). I have studied that webpage assiduously and can vouch for its total
>Despite her wide-eyed denial, Ann is of course fully aware of Kynn's churlishness,
>which has been repeatedly displayed in the last few days. (Even if she's not on
>the list, it's in the list archives for anyone to see.) But being a practiced
>liar, she slyly speaks of "projection" on my part, and she assumes an
>ultra-reasonable tone as she insinuates for the benefit of third parties (who
>typically haven't paid much attention to the discussion) that I lose control when
>people disagree with me.
>Is it even worth speculating on the Kynn/Ann relationship? They may simply be
>gangster chums, sharing malicious joy as they coordinate newsgroup ambushes. Or
>perhaps there's a business tie: he pushes her book, she pushes his consulting
>service, each concocts phony job references for the other. Perhaps they conjoin in
>some symbiotic manner to jointly nurse their unfathomable complexes. Conceivably
>they have formed a hair-raising physical intimacy that one could not begin to
>describe in a family mailing list such as this.
>Whatever goes on behind their closed doors, the hypocrisy is on record in the
>archives for any psychiatrist, or perhaps anthropologist, to analyze. Students of
>the boor type will note the presence of concomitant traits: the thin skin, the
>inability to acknowledge error, the tendency to hysteria.
>This is my first off-topic message here, and I intend to resist the further
>provocations that are likely to ensue. But please observe that the CIWAH problem
>highlighted here is far from irrelevant to W3C and others concerned about
>standards. The W3C site directs visitors to CIWAH for HTML advice. Standardization
>does not benefit when people seeking help with compliance are handed over to that
>band of misfits.
>What's needed is a moderated discussion group that the world can turn to for HTML
>advice. Moderation does not have to involve a lot of effort. I have some specific
>ideas on fair ways to institute this, and I'd be prepared to discuss helping W3C
>set it up if they're interested.
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