Re: OK to display W3C logo based on 3'rd party validator?

From: Gerald Oskoboiny (
Date: Tue, Sep 28 1999

Date: Tue, 28 Sep 1999 20:22:59 -0400
From: Gerald Oskoboiny <>
To: Uriel Wittenberg <>
Message-ID: <>
Subject: Re: OK to display W3C logo based on 3'rd party validator?

On Wed, Sep 22, 1999 at 12:19:18AM -0400, Uriel Wittenberg wrote:
> Kynn Bartlett wrote:
> > At 05:45 p.m. 09/21/99 -0400, Uriel Wittenberg wrote:
> > >Liam Quinn insists I am entitled to display the W3C "valid
> > >HTML" logo based on validation at
> > >Is this true?
> >
> > Well, is it valid HTML?  If so, then it shouldn't really
> > matter, should it?
> You mean, if I know it's valid I can display the W3C logo
> without bothering with the validators?

Sure. The validator's current output for a valid page says
"you may display this icon on any page that validates."
(to be more precise, it should probably end with
" this level of HTML.")

If you use some other validation process (like another site that
does true SGML validation, an HTML compliant editor, or some
other SGML tool), I don't see why you can't display the W3C
icons, since you can be fairly sure that W3C's validator will
just tell you the same thing.

Personally, I use nsgmls with a shell script to validate stuff
I write by hand before publishing it, and I only occasionally
verify it afterwards with the online validation service.

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