Re: Validator Concerns

From: Kynn Bartlett (
Date: Tue, Sep 28 1999

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Date: Tue, 28 Sep 1999 10:55:25 -0700
To: Christian Ziebarth <>
From: Kynn Bartlett <>
Subject: Re: Validator Concerns

At 05:57 PM 9/27/1999 , Christian Ziebarth wrote:
>It seems like the validator is outdated. It tells me that there is no such
>thing as a NORESIZE element or a LOWSRC element, yet I use both of those and
>they both work.

Do you understand what a validator does?  It checks against the
HTML specs.  Can you find NORESIZE or LOWSRC in the HTML specs?

>Also, it wouldn't allow me to specify all the text as being
>bold at the beginning of the document and then close the "bold-ness" at the
>very end of the document.

Well, it shouldn't, if you just used the <B> tag.  Try using
_correct_ HTML, e.g. <BODY STYLE="font-weight: bold;"> or
<DIV STYLE="font-weight: bold;"> ... </DIV>?

>I also got marked down for ads that GeoCities puts
>on my page when I have no control over their HTML coding.

You should probably find a better web host that doesn't insert
improper HTML into your page against your will.  This is not a
problem with the validator!

>These are a few of
>my concerns with the validator.

In other words, "I don't know standard HTML, so the validator
must be broken?"

>It seems there were other elements it told me
>didn't even exist that I use and that work for me.

They might work on some browsers, but they're not standard, and they
are definitely not guaranteed to work cross-platform on standards-
compliant browsers.

It's clear to me that you need to spend a little more time learing
the HTML specs, because that's what the W3C validator uses.

>I didn't see any of these
>concerns addressed in any of the links provided. Thanks for your time. for the HTML 4.0 specification; for the HTML Writers
Guild's online course in HTML 4.0, starting in less than two weeks.

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