Re: OK to display W3C logo based on 3'rd party validator?

From: Liam Quinn (
Date: Wed, Sep 22 1999

Message-ID: <>
Date: Wed, 22 Sep 1999 20:58:25 -0400
From: Liam Quinn <>
To: Terje Bless <>
CC: W3C Validator <>
Subject: Re: OK to display W3C logo based on 3'rd party validator?

Terje Bless wrote:
> On 22.09.99 at 18:33, Liam Quinn <> wrote:
> >Since the WDG validator is open source, the W3C (or anyone else) can use
> >it without giving me anything (though I probably would not refuse large
> >monetary gifts ;)).
> Actually, I've been considering doing just that. Use the code, that is. I'm
> afraid there will be no large monetary gifts from me any time soon. :-)
> I haven't really given the WDG code a serious review, but since it
> implements many features I need, I thought it'd be a good idea to steal a
> few ideas, if not code, from there. What kind of license /is/ it under?

Artistic License (the same licence as Perl).

> Will I run into problems if I integrate it into other products?


> Specifically, I'm currently fiddling with the W3C Validator, and submitting
> patches back to them as I go along. Will I (or the W3C, for that matter!)
> be bumping into any problems there?


Liam Quinn
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