ALT-Texts in Outline

From: Otto Stolz (
Date: Tue, Sep 14 1999

Date: Tue, 14 Sep 1999 13:12:31 -0400 (EDT)
Message-ID: <>
From: Otto Stolz <>
Subject: ALT-Texts in Outline

Dear all,

though I use the WWW validator service regularly, I have not joined
the WWW-Validator mailing list. Nevertheless, here is an occasional
suggestion for improvement of that service.

Every now and then, there are reasons to include an IMG in a header
line, e. g. a Logo, as in
  <H1><IMG ALT="Juris" LONGDESC="longdescs.html#Juris-Logo"
           SRC=juris-30-8.gif height=38 width=83
           align=top hspace=0>&nbsp;at the Universität Konstanz
, or even to use an IMG instead of plain text in a header, as in
my page <>.

In these cases, the Outline option of the validator yields
occasionally even misleading, information, e.g. (from the page
mentioned above):
> # Tanzclub Konstanz e. V. 
>   * 
>     - Tanzhippos 
>     - 
>     - Tanzen macht tierisch Spaß 
>     - Vorturnier-Gruppe Latein 
>     - Hipp-Hopp
i. e., two empty items.

I suggest that the ALT text of any images contained in the
headers be included (with the plain text) in the outline,
possibly marked <CITE>..</CITE> to distinguish it from the
plain text.

Thank you,
   Otto Stolz