Re: validator chokes on &

From: Harold A. Driscoll (
Date: Fri, Jul 30 1999

Message-Id: <>
Date: Thu, 29 Jul 1999 23:19:19 -0500
To: Reinout van Schouwen <>
From: "Harold A. Driscoll" <>
Subject: Re: validator chokes on &

At 17:18 29-07-99 , you wrote:
>about a problem I have with validating a site made by me: it contains
>links to a banner exchange service and a statistics service, and both of
>these URLs contain a '&' character. 
>The w3-validator and also the HTMLHelp-validator mistakenly assume 
>that it is an HTML entity and report an error. 

Why do you suggest "mistakenly?" If it isn't an HTML entity, it shouldn't
be expressed as such. Put simply, when you have an & within a URL within an
HTML page, you'll need to ~quote~ it as &amp (or typically &amp;).

>Is there a way around this so
>that I can put the "HTML 4.0" on this site?

Yep... use &amp (or &amp;) for each & in the URL.

>You can find the page I'm talking about at

Actually not... hints, perhaps, but the actual URL of the page in question
might have been better.

Safe computing,  /Harold
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