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XHTML, Japanese text, non SGML character error message

From: Marty Cawthon <mrc@ChipChat.com>
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 1999 15:03:33 GMT
To: www-validator@w3.org
Message-Id: <19990818150333N.mrc@ChipChat.com>
Ahoy valid folks,

  When the XHTML validator checks a document (a 'forum' page) 
that I am working on it reports error messages for some Japanese text:
"non SGML character 130".

  The validator returns the same error message several times; Each time
it points to a completely different Japanese character.
This does not seem to be correct behaviour.

  I submit this to the mailing list in the hopes that somebody who understands
"SGML characters" and "non-SGML characters" might comment.

  It may be that the document does contain non SGML characters, in which case
I will appreciate a pointer to learn more to help me make the characters so that
they conform to XHTML.  Or it may be a bug in the validator when examining
documents containing Japanese text.

Marty Cawthon

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Typical Messages:
   Error at line 36:
   (Japanese text)
      ^ non SGML  character number 130

   Error at line 135:
   (different Japanese text)
              ^ non SGML character number 130

   Error at line 191:
   (still different Japanese text)
          ^ non SGML character number 130

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