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[Bug 24799] Text-content elements in HTML

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Date: Wed, 26 Feb 2014 21:37:33 +0000
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--- Comment #3 from Michael[tm] Smith <mike@w3.org> ---
(In reply to Andrea Rendine from comment #2)

> [[The IDL attribute text must return a concatenation of the contents of all
> the Text nodes that are children of the title element (ignoring any other
> nodes such as comments *or elements*), in tree order. On setting, it must
> act the same way as the textContent IDL attribute.]](title)

What possible relevance does that have to the behavior of the validator?

When you give a document to the validator to check, it is impossible for that
document to ever have a title element that contains any child elements.

> If you are right, then tell me what kind of element could ever be inside
> <title>. Or <textarea>, for what is the matter.

You filed this bug against the validator. That question has zero relevance to
the behavior of the validator. If you're curious about it, file a bug against
the spec or something.

For the purposes of documents you check with the validator, the no elements can
ever be a child of <title> or <textarea>.

Again the statement you cite above has absolutely no relevance to the behavior
of the validator. So I don't know why you want to continue a discussion about
this here.

> Or the 'text' IDL attribute is required to return something different than
> the actual title of the document (i.e. the one shown in the browser's
> window/tab)? First off, the browsers' 'text' IDL attribute implementation
> does not seem to honour the requested behaviour. Or the sentence "Text nodes
> that are children of the title element (ignoring any other nodes such as
> comments *or elements*)" is meant to be completed with the sentence
> "actually everything inside a <title> is text, except for comments (but it
> is not stated)".

Again, you filed this bug report against the validator. But I've told you
already there's no bug in the validator here. So at this point I have no idea
what else you expect me to do in response to this.

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