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[Bug 15831] validator prevents XHTML5 from containing XML declaration

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Date: Fri, 03 Feb 2012 15:59:22 +0000
To: www-validator-cvs@w3.org
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--- Comment #2 from Garret Wilson <garret@globalmentor.com> 2012-02-03 15:59:21 UTC ---
What I don't get is that my document is arguably more compliant with W3C
specifications than any of the other documents that validate just fine. If
someone were to ask me, "if I were to follow W3C best practices as much as
possible," what would I tell them---wouldn't it be to make your document HTML5
compliant *and* XML compliant?

Why is it, then, that the documents that most closely follow W3C
recommendations are the last ones to validate correctly on the W3C validator?
And I still don't understand why it's so hard to validate---XML is not a new
technology by any stretch of the imagination.

Shouldn't documents that most closely follow W3C recommendations be the first
ones to validate properly? Isn't HTML5 with XML compliance better than HTML5
without XML compliance?

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